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Stuff I like and Stamps


IT'S SO DARK, PEWDIE by medli20 Bless your face by medli20
:iconyaystephanoplz: :iconyaypewdieplz: :iconstephanoplz: :iconstephanobrofistplz: Golden edition stephano icon by YamiTheFox
Pewdie in Trapland by darndragon Cry in Trapland by darndragon

I'm A Jason Junkie by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Screamer by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A JigSaw Apprentice by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Freddy Fan by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Bloody Fanatic by PsychoSlaughterman I'm Feeling Hostel by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Creeper Freak by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Michael Maniac by PsychoSlaughterman I'm Whacko For Wax by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Chucky Chaser by PsychoSlaughterman
PewDiePie Fan Button by RequestButtons Demon OC by Shainbow Dark and Cute Stamp by bezzalair
Stephano Fan Button by RequestButtons Believe in Ghosts Stamp by LilyFlare OC Stamp by ChibiGem
Cry Fan Button by RequestButtons :: Mudkip Fan Stamp :: by Sweetie-Chan Flygon fan stamp by Unknown-Shadow66
Smosh Fan Button by RequestButtons Greymon Stamp by L3xil3in Music Completes Me: Stamp by nejilovedove1010
Yaoi Fan Button by RequestButtons Fus Ro Dah - Stamp by suzidragonlady Smosh stamp by Nezukiba
Charizard Fan Button by RequestButtons Pewdiepie Stamp by HowlingKnight Tobuscus by Ellexon
Mudkip Fan Button by RequestButtons The Game Stamp by CupcakeAttack85 Top Hats are Sexy :Stamp: by Circe-Baka
Kamui Gakupo Fan Button by RequestButtons Radioactive Stamp by PockyPerson32 Love Gasmasks Stamp by junkpile
Lucy (Elfen Lied) Fan Button by RequestButtons Goggle Love by guardian-GARM Steampunk Stamp by TumblingTortoises
Prince Vegeta Fan Button by RequestButtons Curtis Rx Stamp by Rocky-Vermillion -Creature Feature Stamp- by Semisweetstamps
Grell Sutcliff Fan Button by RequestButtons Erik X stamp by Rocky-Vermillion -Nekromantix Stamp- by Semisweetstamps
Gir Fan Button by RequestButtons World Emperor by Toy-Soldier-Enyo Dr. Steel Stamp by MelissaDalton
Splendorman Fan Button by RequestButtons Voltaire Stamp by RottenKindaCute SPG stamp by Igelk0tt
Buck (Ice Age) Fan Button by RequestButtons Voltaire Stamp by Speilbilde ''and now we say to gravity''-stamp by shikabane-no-bousou
Jack Skellington Fan Button by RequestButtons OC's are the best by birdewilliams .:Dirty Mind Stamp:. by Viten
Chucky Fan Button by RequestButtons Better Artist by Xellphy Late... by prosaix
Jason Voorhees Fan Button by RequestButtons Do not use my artwork stamp by diabolikal-lily FanChar, OriChar, Same Song by JLMagian
Silent Hill Fan Button by RequestButtons Proud Furry Stamp :3 by WolvenFlames Anthro Stamp by evilempress
Bella Yedda Button by Naegun-Dal-Warriors Horns Stamp by YoshikuniShiku Punk And Furry Stamp by kalamadae
Slickerman Button by Naegun-Dal-Warriors I'm a Cocaholic Stamp by LordDavid04 Monster Stamp by themaskedcrusader
Valerio .:Fan button:. by Naegun-Dal-Warriors yaoi stamp by Wing-shadow Electronic Stamp of luuuuvv by TehZee
Dark Voidman .:Fan Button:. by Naegun-Dal-Warriors Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86PhotoShop User Stamp by ClefairyKid
Waha Nui .:Fan Button:. by Naegun-Dal-Warriors Play with mouse, Stamp by JEricaMSteam Stamp by badtrane
Rebecca .:Fan Button:. by Naegun-Dal-Warriors Suits are Sexy by ashestoNyan cat in portals by DS-DNA


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4 deviants said Commission info CASH- OPEN by Carlie-NuclearZombie


Apr 24, 2014
1:16 am
Apr 23, 2014
11:25 pm
Apr 23, 2014
6:27 pm
Apr 23, 2014
2:46 pm
Apr 23, 2014
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Carlie Martin (NuclearZombie)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

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Curtis pixel doll by Carlie-NuclearZombie :heart: Creature Feature :heart: Erik Pixel doll by Carlie-NuclearZombie Dr. Steel stamp by MithriLady

Im a Cancer ♋

I am an Australian Goth girl who draws and loves anime and is part of the furry fandom. I am a beginner with animation. I am highly spiritual when it comes down to ghosts and psychics, I am not Christian or have any religion. I have had personal encounters with ghosts and some not so nice so before you shone me for that realize I was in no position to undo what I have seen. I am very interested in Demonology, Voodoo, Wicca and Satanism, and the mind of the serial killer, this doesn't make me a satanic or psycho however its just something I find fascinating.☠

When it comes to friends or a relationships I look for personality over looks, I like people who are kind and caring will listen to you when ever you need someone to talk to and they will always be their for you. As for people I don't like, selfish, don't trust you or never around when you need them most and pick on you in your face or behind your back, racists and sexists.
I'm a very open individual so I'll share pretty much anything with you. I can be good with advice and just helping a fellow friend in need.

I love music, mainly something with a bass/beat or just some heavy guitar, my fave genres are metal, gothic-rock, punk, steampunk, techno, industrial, psychobilly, 8-bit and rock. As for movies any thing sci-fi, fantasy or horror related draws me in.
My fave animals are a Wolf, Jackal, Jellyfish, Ferret, Sharks, Spiders and Scorpions.
I'm a huge fan of music its pretty much my life, I am learning the electric guitar now I know some keyboard I used to play the trumpet I can sing and beat-box and I want to learn the double bass and concertina.
I adore the Goth, Victorian and Steampunk styles I also like Psychobilly and punk styles to

Things I like to draw include Demons, furries, anime, horror, gore, yaoi, yiff (furry porn), cartoon and sometimes hentai and yuri.
And before you say "you sick bastard why do you draw furies/porn ect" shut the FUCK up, if I publicly post this here than obviously I don't give a rats ass what you think. Good Day Sir!


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Ignore this is just a list of sold characters

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 12:41 AM
just so I can keep track of what old characters and adopts have been sold so latter on I can delete the deviations 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CLOSED ADOPTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 points for the bat draw to adopt by nuttycoon EyonSplicer
Special Uxoturam adopt 2 by Carlie-NuclearZombie taken by Zombii-Milkshake
Haleque $6 or 60 points Haleque by Carlie-NuclearZombie Neforium
Psychman 25 pointsSlenderman and Psychman by Carlie-NuclearZombie ilovesmexy 
Old species and character 130 points (due to it being one of my own species once)Open for adoption! by Carlie-NuclearZombiecolours-->Fun with 5 by Carlie-NuclearZombie GrimlingIrkenGoddess
Akuraitatsu character (wolf themed) 30 points 100 Theme challenge BLOOD by Carlie-NuclearZombie Demon Girls by Carlie-NuclearZombie must also join my species group :iconxxcarliesspeciesxx: GrimlingIrkenGoddess
Desai 15 points Densai by Carlie-NuclearZombie Emo-Bunny15
Tikah the cybergoth wolf 60 points Tikah the Cybergoth Wolf by Carlie-NuclearZombie Creaturefeaturefan10
Cody the brown ferret 10 points Cody and Haze the ferrets by Carlie-NuclearZombieXemokiller65
50 points for him I just dont use him and dont wanna let him rot �HATCHED by WolFStaticPawzsebopoly
60 POINTS!! Old unused OC Zetsumei UP FOR ADOPTION by Carlie-NuclearZombie DEVILSHADOW12
Canceria 25 points Canceria by Carlie-NuclearZombie Team-RazorBlade

Leech hybrid 40 points Leech- Sinverri by Carlie-NuclearZombie (species by Echelon696) Gehirnesser
Old design of my Voltair bunny fan character 30 pointsMorbid Bunny by Carlie-NuclearZombieJc-the-penguin 
Von Midas 45 points Look Into My Mechanical Eye by Carlie-NuclearZombieVon Midas Ref by Carlie-NuclearZombie :devSwenonletters:
Neo (right) 10 points Breni and Neo by Carlie-NuclearZombie CLOSED!! Ded-Fire-Dragon
Aquatio the Greatfang 20 points Aquatio the Greatfang by Carlie-NuclearZombie CLOSED!! XxEvias-Toxic-LovexX
Haze the ferret 10 points Haze the biohazard ferret CLOSED by Carlie-NuclearZombie CLOSED!! Team-RazorBlade
Neko or half wolf 20 points Broom Broom!! CLOSED by Carlie-NuclearZombie CLOSED!! Tailzy24
Kuroku 20 points OLD OC SELLING FOR 20 points by Carlie-NuclearZombie CLOSED! :devwebkinzwolfpack:
Old Fursona 30 POINTS (GIVE NEW NAME AND INFO) Fursona Ref-Old fursona DESIGN UP FOR ADOPTION! by Carlie-NuclearZombie Carlie the Cyberwolf by Carlie-NuclearZombie CLOSED!! Synthetic--Ecstasy
Aochi 15 points Aochi Bio SOLD by Carlie-NuclearZombie CLOSED!! missnoni9
Dragonsona 1 (right) 60 pointsIVIattheVV and cjdj-Carlie by Carlie-NuclearZombie�CLOSED!! :Shire7:
Blue Fire Faceless One afopt 60 points... join the group to adopt please :iconxxcarliesspeciesxx:Faceless One blue fire- CLOSED by Carlie-NuclearZombieCLOSED!! GayMetal
Old Fursona 2 40 POINTS (GIVE NEW INFO)Malevolent CLOSED by Carlie-NuclearZombieCLOSED!! Neforium

OLD OLD Demonsona 60 points (click pic to read RULES)Uxoturam FOR SALE 60 points by Carlie-NuclearZombieCLOSED!! GrimmisJohnson81

Demon 20 pointsChibi demon adoptable CLOSED by Carlie-NuclearZombieCLOSED! RedRingOfDeath97
Dokuame 25 points Sexy Dokuame demon form OPEN by Carlie-NuclearZombie (human form)-> :thumb207896413: CLOSED! webkinzwolfpack


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7,158 / 9,000
:points: please :points:

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:bulletgreen: I only give point to friend who need them.
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Fri Apr 4, 2014, 5:45 AM
Its not called being gay its called being FABULOUS!!!
Wed Jan 29, 2014, 1:31 AM
Mon Jan 6, 2014, 2:43 AM
Happy New Years!
Tue Dec 31, 2013, 11:08 PM
Your housssssse
Thu Dec 26, 2013, 10:08 PM
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 9:30 PM
I call a shiny mudkip, I might evolve him inyo swampert
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 9:26 PM
Tue Dec 3, 2013, 5:56 AM
MUDKIPS FOR EVERY ONE!!! *throws mudkips*
Sun Dec 1, 2013, 10:23 PM
Fri Nov 29, 2013, 10:44 PM


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